How does the Intuita Webshop work?



Welcome to Intuita Shop!

Intuita Shop works very similar to other webshops so I hope you will easily get around.

Nevertheless, you may find a few tips and tricks below in case you get stuck somewhere.

First of all let me introduce a few specialties that are our own ideas so it is possible that you have not met them in other places. I think they make browsing and shopping easy on our site. Well, I love them for sure!


1.       If you can make choices easier in negative terms, you'll find this function very useful: those products that you'll surely not choose you can temporarily close from the list so in the end there will be only those that will most likely be winners. To do this you may click on the "x" on the upper right corner of each thumbnail.

You will find the full ist again if you refresh the page or if you leave it and return later.



2.       To make it easier for you to browse among our items, you can find 2 links on the upper left and right corner: with them you may easily turn pages just like in a book.




Let's see some of the well-known functions:


3.       Choose the most suitable currency for you at the upper right corner:



4.       On the home page we gathered some selections that may influence your choice of purchase.



5.       You can select functions with the help of the drop-down menu.



6.       We organized similar items in product groups so you can easily find designs that are closests to your taste. You can find these in separate boxes within each function. You can look at these just like each shelf in our offline stores.



7.         Stop right in the middle of an item's thumbnail with the cursor to activate "Quick shopping" function. This makes it possible for you to place an item into your chart without viewing the detailed item page. If you got the information you needed earlier and you made a decision about which one you would like, this will make your shopping much quicker and easier.



8.            You can see a pop-up window when you click on "Quick shopping" button. If there are variations of the item you're browsing, eg. size, you may choose here which one you would like. The item will only be in your cart if you click on "Add to cart" button.



9.         The thumbnail will get darker if you stop with your cursor above the thumbnail of an item (anywhere except for in the middle). This significates which picture is active. Click anywhere on the darker area for more information and photos of the item.



10.       You may get information on the detailed features of the product to be ordered, its price, the estimated cost of delivery, its term, and its conditions after clicking to the name or image of the product.



11.        You may pick the product to be ordered by clicking to the link „Add to cart” which can be found at the surface containing information on the features of the product, and he/she can establish the list of the products, he/she wishes to order. (Cart)



12.        After clicking to the cart icon on the surface showing the content of the Cart, a surface shall appear summing up your order, where you can check if the order is proper and you shall receive information on the total expected price of the order without the price of shipping. You may modify your order on this surface.



13.       /Step 1: Choose the best shipping type/ You can select the preferred way of delivery on the summerizing surface appearing after clicking to the link „Checkout” with clicking under your chosen shipping method: "Choose this!".

         At this time an estimated cost of shipping is added to the cart and it is summerized with the price of order at the bottom of the page. You can step forward with clicking "Next" button on the bottom right of the page.



14.       /Step 2: Enter your personal data for billing/  You should give your personal data which is needed to complete your order, as for contact, shipping and delivery on this surface.

      You can read general terms and condition by clicking to the link on the bottom of the page and you must accept it in order to be able to continue shopping and move forward by ticking the field dedicated to this.
     Please tick "I'm not a robot" check box, too. This function sometime randomly gives a riddle which can be only solved by humans. If you're the lucky one, please answer the question.
       After that you can click to the button "Continue" to reach the next page.



15.        /Step 3: Verify and complete your order/ You may check your address, billing and order once again. In case of a fault you may go back to previous pages by clicking "Edit personal data" on the left bottom of the page. If you find that everything is correct, you can finish the order by clicking "Complete order".



16.        An automatic confirmation message will appear after you click on "Complete order" button which informs you of the succesfulness of your purchase and some other things to know.  Everything else goes through personal correspondence rather than an automatic system.



Thank you for choosing us! I hope I managed to answer all your questions regarding to purchase through our webshop! Please click on the "Help & Contact" link for further questions and answers about the webshop system.